Projecta Descender Large Electrol

10101463 | Larger Installation Screens

Kategorien: Leinwände


  • Ceiling recessed projection screen for medium to large venue applications. Available in widths from 3.5 to 5 metres.
  • Closure formed by the slat bar ensures that ceiling mounting is inconspicuous.
  • Easy Serviceability System: once installed, the motor and screen surface remain accessible making adjustments and carrying out maintenance possible.
  • Easy to build into existing non-modular ceilings.
  • The case and the projection screen surface can be made to exactly the right size and the case and slat bar are available in any colour for optimal integration into any interior.
  • The motor is equipped with electric locks to prevent inadvertent unrolling and features thermal overload cut-off.
DATENBLATT Descender Large Electrol